How to create a new connection in Calenderio

Published under Guides on Mar 06, 2022

Creating a connection in Calenderio allows you to create a sync between two calendars, which will automatically sync events from one calendar to another.

Two reasons why you should automatically sync your calendars

Published under Guides on Jan 30, 2022

Learn how syncing calendars with Calenderio can help you save your time, avoid double bookings, and take your life back.

How to sync your personal calendar to your work calendar

Published under Guides on Jan 26, 2022

Learn how Calenderio can help save your time by automatically syncing your personal calendar events to your work calendar.

How to authenticate a calendar account with Calenderio

Published under Guides on Jan 23, 2022

In this guide, we'll walk through how we can authenticate a calendar account (Google, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud) with Calenderio.

Common calendar terms

Published under Guides on Jan 20, 2022

A glossary of common calendar terms used throughout Calenderio, such as: Calendar, Source & Destination Calendars, Accounts, Calendar Providers, Connections & Chained Connections.