Common calendar terms

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A calendar is the entity that your events belong to. In order for your events to be displayed, the calendar you are viewing must be attached to the event.

Source Calendar

A source calendar is a Calenderio-specific term meaning the calendar from which Calenderio will sync events from.

Destination Calendar

A destination calendar is a Calenderio-specific term meaning the calendar Calenderio will sync events to.


An account (or calendar account) is the account that your calendars belong to. An account can contain multiple calendars. Accounts are provided by Calendar Providers, see below.

Calendar Provider

Calendar providers are the services that you use to host your calendars. Example of calendar providers are:

  • Google Calendar
  • iCloud (or Apple) Calendar
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Exchange


A connection is a Calenderio-specific term which is the relationship between two calendars. When we setup a sync between two calendars, this is called a connection. A connection can have multiple attributes such as controlling if the destination events are public or private, controlling the title of the destination event, and many more.

Chain or Connection Chain

A chain (or connection chain) is another Calenderio-specific term. A connection chain is when there's a series of connections where the destination calendar is the source calendar of the next connection. Here's a drawing to explain:

Demonstration of a Calenderio connection chain

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